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FSE 110 - Machine Functional Safety Engineering - June 27 - 29, 2017 - Sellersville, PA, USA

$ 1,895.00

SHOP: exida

FSE 110 - Machine Functional Safety Engineering - June 27 - 29, 2017 - Sellersville, PA, USA

$ 1,895.00

Course Description:

Safety of machinery - Functional Safety of electrical, electronic, and programmable electronic control systems. This standard was first published in 2005. It is particularly relevant to professionals who are responsible for validating the safety of machines that use complex systems such as PLC’s for safety duties. New standards such as this are continually being developed, placing unfamiliar requirements on the task of assuring machine safety, especially when more complex equipment such as PLC’s are used. This environment requires effective competency training of individuals who are responsible for specifying, designing, or otherwise applying technology to safety applications. Because safety systems are so critical, recognized and accepted standards should be applied to their design to ensure the safety of your staff and financial health of your organization.


  • Safety equipment evolution

Machine Safety Standards and Directives

  • Standards and Directives hierarchy
  • Legal issues (EU)
  • Prescriptive versus risk-based standards

Introduction to IEC 61508

  • Overview and key messages
  • Important terms – Functional Safety, ALARP, Safety Function, SIL….
  • Key aspects – Lifecycle, Management, Verification and Validation

The IEC 62061 Standard

  • Overview of scope and positioning with respect to ISO 13849
  • Important terms - PFHD, SRECS, SRCF, SIL CL, SFF…
  • What is needed, where, and why

Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis

  • Introduction to Risk and risk reduction
  • Hazard ID and Risk Analysis methods
  • SIL assignment
  • Risk analysis exercise

Introduction to Probability and Reliability

  • Probability knowledge required for reliability analysis
  • Reliability block diagrams and fault trees
  • Failure rates, what do you need to know?
  • Reliability exercise

SIL Design Verification using IEC 62061

  • Equipment selection
  • Equipment reliability data
  • Exercises on design verification

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